Frequently Asked Questions

1a. How do I subscribe?

Click the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be guided through the steps of creating an account.

1b. How much does a subscription cost?

Click the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page to see our different pricing options. If you’re a print subscriber, you qualify for a discount. See question 3b below for details.

1c. Can I see a sample of Rafu's eNewspaper?

Yes, click here to see a sample issue.

2a. How is this different from The Rafu Shimpo’s existing website (

The new Rafu Shimpo eNewspaper is an electronic version of our print edition, which means it’ll look just like the newspaper. will share some stories with the paper, but each will have its own exclusive content. While the newspaper and eNewspaper require subscriptions, is still completely free.

2b. Is the eNewspaper going to replace the Rafu Shimpo website ( or print edition?

No, and the print edition will continue to be available.

2c. How is the eNewspaper different from the print version of The Rafu Shimpo?

The eNewspaper looks just like the print version of The Rafu Shimpo, but because it’s electronic, you’ll be able to view it on your computer and mobile devices. The English pages are also interactive and searchable; however, our eNewspaper provider (Olive) isn’t yet able to do the same for the Japanese pages. They—and we—hope to make that service available in the future.

3a. If I’m a print subscriber, do I have to subscribe to the eNewspaper separately?

Yes, at this time the print and eNewspaper subscriptions are processed separately. Print subscribers will not automatically receive eNewspaper subscriptions. However, we have a free trial period and discount for current print subscribers. See next question for rates.

3b. If I’m a print subscriber, do I get a discount on my eNewspaper subscription?

Yes! Print subscribers can subscribe to the eNewspaper for $2.95 per month (regular price = $5.95), $16.95 for six months (regular price = $28.95), or $32.95 for one year (regular price = $47.95). Activate your discount by clicking “Subscribe” at the top of this page. From there, you’ll see a link on the right side of the page that says “Activate your online access.” Click that link and you’ll be guided through the steps to receive your print subscriber discount.

4a. Can I view the eNewspaper on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can use view the eNewspaper on your phone or tablet using the Olive Mobile Viewer app. Pages are responsive, meaning they will adjust to fit your screen.

4b. If I don’t have a smartphone or tablet, can I view the eNewspaper on my computer?

Yes, you can view the eNewspaper on your computer by logging into your account at

4c. What time does an eNewspaper become available on its publication date?

New issues will be available at noon on publication day. You can choose to receive an email each morning when the new issue is available.

5a. Can I share my eNewspaper subscription with my family or company?

eNewspaper subscriptions are meant for individual use for up to four devices. Please do not exceed this number or you will risk cancellation of your subscription.

5b. Can I use my eNewspaper subscription to look at back-issues?

The eNewspaper allows you to access an issue for up to one week. Once an issue reaches one week old, it will expire.

5c. Will I be able to receive special issues (Graduation Issue, Holiday Issue, etc.) with my eNewspaper subscription?

Yes, all special issues will be available in eNewspaper format, and you’ll have automatic access to them as an online subscriber.

6. How can I advertise in the eNewspaper?

At present, the eNewspaper will just be displaying the ads that appear in the print paper.